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A Review Of The Banking System And Distribution Channels

Banks have a major role to play in the financial market. A bank is a financial institution that lends money to borrowers at a fixed rate. In return, the organization earns returns inform of interests. The rate of lending comes in direct or indirect perspective. Lending occurs mostly in capital markets. Most countries contain a policy where the banks are only allowed to hold cash regarding assets to an equal ratio of the liabilities they own.


All banks are required to attain the minimum capital requirements to be handed over the certificate of operation. The terms under which banks are controlled by operation authorities are known as Basel Accords. The history of banks is well known to have come from Italy, where the nation modified and put into practice ideas of lending and credit value.


The well-known banking dynasties include the Berenbergs, the Welsers, and the Fuggers. The families mentioned earlier have been playing an important role in the bank management system. Banks play an important part in the real world. The core functions include the offering of advisory services to their esteemed clients, mergers and acquisitions services, payroll loans, and discounting of bills of exchange. Commercial banks primary function includes the acceptance deposits from the general public and offering them loans at reasonable rates.


Banks differs with the range of services they offer. Different banks specialize in diverse areas at various locations. Retail banks work to hold the checking and saving accounts. Consumers are the primary customers of retail banks. Another type of bank is the commercial banks that offer quality services to firms and businesses at affordable rates. Commercial banks offer sophisticated checking services. These banks rely highly on lines of credit that allow them to undertake transactions at an international level.


The investment banks offer services to businesses and help them adjust to the trending market situations. Investment banks have reliable distribution channels as they primarily focus on keeping firms at a better position in the financial markets. Investment banks offer credit to companies at a reasonable rate. Businesses that operate to go on public sales or make sales of debt, they go through the investment bank as it is legalized to undertake the operation.


Banks also uses the online platforms to conduct their operations. Banks have banks that operate on online basis called online banks. These banks do not contain any branches for a teller to meet with a customer. Examples of online banks include the brick-and –mortar banks. These types of banks allow a customer to pay bills in a straightforward manner. Online banks provide competitive rates on the savings account.


All banks are registered under the central bank. Central banks serve to manage the state monetary system. A good example is the United States Federal, which supervises American banks.



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