December 18, 2017 | 3:22 am
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How to manage your debt

Everyone has to deal with finances. It is simply the way that our society functions. From education to the houses and apartments we live in, everything costs money. More often than not, things cost more money than we have so we are forced to take out loans which can easily put us into debt. Furthermore, we often pay monthly fees on things such as cars or expensive items. Failure to meet these monthly payments can also put us into debt. For some people, having debt is inevitable. Whether a student having to pay off loans or newley weds paying off their first house, the ability to manage debt is crucial.

The first step in being able to manage debt is having a game plan. No one should incure debt without having an idea of how they will pay it off. This plan should consist of a certain time period that an individual or couple would like to have their debt paid off in. There should be some level of consistence to this as well. For example, perhaps an individual puts $1,000 dollars every 6 months towards a school loan they hope to pay off in 10 years. The purpose of having a game plan is to stay organized with your debt and keep it manageable.

After a game plan is created, the individual with debt should then begin creating sources of income to help pay off their debt as well as to increase savings. All of a persons money shouldn’t go directly to paying off debt. There needs to be some saving going on no matter how far in debt a person is. Without a savings, an individual cannot be prepared for emergencies or their life in general. The key thing to remember here is that just because there is a debt being paid off, life doesn’t have to be put on hold. With the proper planning with money and savings, life can continue as normal as debt is being paid off on the side. It doesn’t have to consume your life.

The final and most important step to manage debt is to minimize the amount of debt you have. A person should probably put off buying a brand new car before they can pay off their student loans. With two sources of debt, a great strain can be put on an individuals financial life and freedom. The point of debt management is being able to carry on with a normal life while still paying off what is owed. A person cannot achieve this by incurring more and more debt. Choose one or two things maximum to be in debt for, if it is necessary, and pay them off before incurring any new debts. This will keep you managing debt while still being able to carry on in life.


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